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so apparently those are called lizards

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do you ever cry because of korean boy bands and then ask yourself where your life went wrong

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school has just taught me so many helpful life lessons

like i don’t know what a mortgage is or how it works or what a tax refund is and how you even do taxes

but i know how to graph an imaginary number on a coordinate plane 

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“I couldn’t shoot…it was him…”

“Let it go. Please.”

“But he killed my mom and dad…you and Al might get killed. Why? Why?”

“Winry, let me tell you something. When you helped deliver that baby in Rush Valley, you saved the mother and child. You also gave me an arm and a leg so I could get back on my feet. Your hands aren’t meant to take people’s lives. They’re meant to save them.”

Probably the most famous scene between these two, and rightly so. What I love here is that it’s not Ed lecturing to Winry about how killing will change her and he knows this and blablabla. No, the fact is, Winry couldn’t shoot. She’s upset with herself for not being able to, knowing this man could take even more of her family. And Ed reassures her. He reassures her by reminding her about the wonderful things she’s done in the past. By talking about the things that he admires her for and make her who she is.

It’s clear from this speech how much he really does admire her and respect her, and that he really gets the immensity of the things she’s done for him and others and what he owes to her. She gave him his arm and leg. She got him back on his feet. She saved him. And when he could do nothing, when alchemy could not save a woman giving birth, she stepped up and took on that responsibility and did what he couldn’t. Ed gets how valuable a person like Winry is. And he lets her know that he values what she does and that it’s perfectly okay there are things she can’t do, things she won’t do.

the fact that Arakawa never forgets Winry’s accomplisments and takes Winry’s accomplishments seriously, gives props to how she could deliver a baby and has her love interest do the same: never forget them. admire her for her accomplishments in a different field than his, give her praise and credit for them- is seriously one of the best things about FMA

Am I the only one who wakes up then stays in bed for like another hour 

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Legend of Korra: animation → reality

credits for cosplayers:
 korra [x]
↳ mako[x]
↳ asami, bolin, iroh [x]

please do not remove cosplayer sources

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Breathtaking view of the Milky Way from the surface of Mars

the universe is amazing

it really is

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